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The Joy of Hybrid: Secrets to Making a Hybrid Remote Office Work

July 20th 2pm EDT 

As more organizations are beginning to “go back into the office,” leaders are finding that their employees prefer to work remotely. To help accommodate the employers’ preference for working in the office while considering employees’ preference for working from home, many leaders consider hybrid-remote work arrangements as a compromise between the two extremes.

While “hybrid” might sound like the perfect compromise between work from office (WFO) and work from home (WFH) models, a successful transition requires intentionality and an emphasis on equity in the work environment. Without an intentional approach to workplace transition, leaders risk instituting arbitrary reasons for either WFO or WFH policies. Employees will quickly see through their veneer and cry foul. To help leaders create hybrid-remote policies and procedures that are equitable, legal, and embrace an inclusive culture, our legal advisor, Rae Ann Johnson, Esq., will share actionable tips and “secrets” to optimize your burgeoning hybrid workplace.

Attendees will learn:

  • The foundational work required to make all remote workforce models successful
  • Best practices for ways to legally define roles applicable for remote work
  • The difference between “equality” and “equity” and how understanding that distinction contributes to the inclusiveness of hybrid-remote policies
  • How to avoid creating two different cultures of employees: remote vs. on-site
  • Best practices to evaluate the long-term impact of remote work on your staff and organization

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