You’ll find us at events throughout the year. When we’re speaking, our illuminating sessions range from remote work, project management, technology consulting, to building trust through communication.

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Beyond the New Normal, Part 1: Creating a "Work Anywhere" Future for Associations

May 12th @3pm EST - Hosted by Association Women Technology Champions

AWTC is hosting the free, virtual event exploring and envisioning the Work Anywhere Era for associations. The event will feature a panel of experts (including our own Rebecca Achurch) who will share their predictions on how culture, workplace, technology, and governance may change in the Work Anywhere Era and how we can address inequities created by these changes. Don't miss your chance to take part in this exciting event!

Choosing the Best Remote Workforce Model for Your Organization Webinar

May 17th @2pm EST - Hosted by Association Trends

As more associations are beginning to “go back into the office,” many are considering how best to accomplish moving back into their original space or whether to go back at all. To help association leaders consider the best option for their teams, this presentation will explain the various remote workforce models associations can consider. Regardless of the workforce model your organization ultimately chooses, there are five essential elements that all models share. We will explain what those elements are and why they are important. 

In this webinar hosted by Association Trends, attendees of our webinar will learn:

  • How COVID has impacted how organizations work and how employees' expectations have shifted
  • The foundational work required to make all remote workforce models successful 
  • Determine the readiness of your staff to embrace a distributed workforce model 
  • Understand the subtle differences between each model to help determine the right fit for your organization 
  • How to avoid creating two different classes of employees: remote vs. on-site  

The 5 Essential Elements For Developing A Successful Remote Workforce Webinar

May 26th @2pm EST 

Remote workforce models have a multitude of compelling benefits. However, to optimize and sustain their full range of perks, organizations should address 5 Essential Elements™  in their chosen model.

In any organization, aspects of each element could be core strengths, while other aspects may present challenges. The key is to understand those challenges and turn them into opportunities to enhance your organization's operational efficiencies and your employees' connectedness to each other and your organization's mission.

Attendees of our webinar will learn:

  • What the 5 Elements are comprised of
  • Why each element is essential
  • How high-performing organizations with remote workers adopt these elements and how they help improve productivity
  • Specific tips for incorporating the elements into action

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AMSFest: Implementing Your AMS Bootcamp

June 18th 11am-2pm EST 


We are excited to again be part of Association Trends' AMSFest leading the bootcamp on implementing your new AMS. Details and registration information are coming soon!

Joint Webinar with Jeff De Cagna FRSA FASAE Executive Advisor, Foresight First LLC

June 23rd 1pm EST 


You won't want to miss this exciting meeting of the minds. More information is coming soon!