You’ll find us at events throughout the year. When we’re speaking, our illuminating sessions range from remote work, project management, technology consulting, to building trust through communication.

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Cybersecurity 101 for Remote and Hybrid Workplaces

September 22nd 2pm ET 

Cybersecurity is top of mind for most organizational leaders today – particularly those operating a hybrid or fully remote workplace. Cyber experts predict that overall cybercrime costs could reach $10.5 trillion a year by 2025. While it is nearly impossible to avoid ALL risks, you can effectively prevent and mitigate many of them.

Now is the opportune time to protect yourself against bad actors trying to corrupt and steal your confidential and proprietary information. Making a shift in your mentality to build your cybersecurity plan with the remote worker in mind is imperative for success. To help you get into a cybersecurity state of mind, we have designed this introductory webinar for leaders looking for ways to get started on their cybersecurity journey. Led by our experienced  Fractional CIOs (Tammy Marko, PMP and George Rears, MBA, PMP, CSM), our webinar will help attendees learn cybersecurity basics, how to foster a Security Mindset throughout their workforce, and become familiar with basic best practices for establishing and maintaining their cybersecurity.

Space is limited.

Attendees will receive 1 CAE Credit toward their initial certification or renewal.

The Future of Work: Using AI to Reduce Meeting Fatigue

September 29th 2pm ET

As fully remote and hybrid remote workplaces are becoming more and more common, so too is the issue of “Zoom fatigue.” Teams need to meet, but we wonder: do they need to meet that much?

Adopting a Meaningful Meeting Mindset™ can help your distributed team operate more effectively and efficiently without sacrificing the receipt of information necessary to complete your task or project. One way to minimize the need to meet as often as you currently do is by using AI technology to access mission-critical information quickly.

We are excited to host Johnny Clayton and Adam Hostetter from FUSE Search. Together, we will explore the concept of adopting a “Meaningful Meeting Mindset” and show attendees how AI can move across multiple communication and data storage platforms to access the information we need on-demand, saving us the time and energy to concentrate on other tasks.

Space is limited.

Attendees will receive 1 CAE Credit toward their initial certification or renewal.


NE/SAE’s Virtual 2021 Digital Solutions Conference

October 29th 10:15 AM – 11:00 AM ET

We are excited to have our own John Clese presenting our popular session: Closing the Communications Gap in a Distanced Workplace.

Strong communication, both in efficiency and clarity, is the foundation of any successful team -  especially in a distributed workforce. With the average worker spending roughly 13 hours per week on email alone, it is no wonder 96% of employees said email regularly wastes their time. 

To help show there is a better, more efficient way of communicating, we have designed this presentation to demonstrate tools and processes that improve productivity, decrease employees' frustration, improve morale, and keep your culture alive in the remote work world.