December 14

Presented by People Powering Tech

Join us at this brand new conference where Achurch Consulting will touch on a variety of technology topics and workforce optimization.

Do you know what tools your staff are using?  How they're using them?  Why they're using them?  Assessing your current tools to ensure you're getting the most out of them and sunsetting old tools that don't serve a purpose anymore gives your team more time back in their day to focus on responsibilities that make a difference.

Determining the correct tools are in place is equally as important as ensuring everyone knows how to use those tools and when to use them.  We'll talk about simple steps you can take to ensure your staff is on the same page, even when working from different locations. 

You’ll find us at industry events throughout the year, as speakers and attendees. We regularly present on a range of topics, including empowering remote work, project management, technology transformations, and building trust through communication.

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