Innovating the Workplace

Achurch Consulting offers highly specialized services to help your organization implement today’s technology and solutions. We’ll facilitate a new level of efficiency for your programs and staff — saving you time and money.


Program & Project Management

From strategic direction to tactical execution, our consulting services help you complete projects on time and within budget.

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Virtual Team Consulting

We prepare your team for performance-based work and reporting. Then, we train your leaders to be transparent, accountable and project focused.

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Fractional CIO Services

We guide your team and supply strategic and technological support for critical IT initiatives that support your business objectives.

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Business Process Optimization

We’ve all heard the buzzwords — Digital Transformation, Business 4.0, Fourth Industrial Revolution. But what do they mean for your organization?

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Business continues to change at lightning speed and the one thing we know about change — it feels relentless.

Companies that don’t keep up with technology or the demands of the new workforce won’t survive. Those that do will thrive.

We'll Help You Thrive

Supporting the Needs of Distributed Workforce Teams

Smart organizations are hiring talent wherever they can find it. Often that means a workforce scattered in multiple locations either across town, in another state or country. Achurch Consulting provides your managers and teams with the coaching they need to work in distributed teams effectively.

NAFA and Achurch

"Rebecca and her team were the best investment we made. Our staff felt an immediate trust with the Achurch team."

—Bill Schankel, CAE

Chief of Staff of Operations
NAFA Fleet Management Association


What Our Clients Are Saying


Work-Life Integration: the Newest Evolution of the Workplace

Every generation looks at its parents and thinks, “I can do better!” or “I like some of that, but not everything.” Think about your lifestyle, or the way you parent,…

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Tidying Up—the Remote Working Way

Have you watched the latest Netflix hit? Marie Kondo has people across America cleaning out closets, clutching old t-shirts as they bid them goodbye, and donating in droves to thrift…

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Project Management and Parenthood: Why everyone is a project manager

There used to be a select group of people who were called “project managers.” They had the training, the expertise, and the know-how to accomplish organizational goals. As the landscape…

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Technology is just one tool to help you get to where you want to go.

People are the ultimate key to achieving your goals. Our team is skilled in addressing both your technology needs and the needs of the people who use them.

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