Association Technology Assessments

When the time comes for a big technology change, making the right purchasing decision is critical. You need unbiased information from an experienced source. That’s where we come in.

Our team of experts works alongside you to prioritize your needs, assess options, consider trade-offs, and make the best selection for your organization.

Because we’ve worked with most major software providers, we make sure you’re considering the right options in the marketplace. Since we are not a software provider ourselves, our only “bias” is to make sure you get the outcome you need.

Technology Assessment

Working Together to Prioritize Technology Requirements

Whatever system you’re seeking, we work collaboratively with your team to identify and prioritize requirements and ensure they fit with your strategic objectives. We immerse ourselves in your association to truly understand your business and its operational landscape.

You have a big decision to make. We’ll make sure you have the right information.

  • Association Management System (AMS)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Customer Data Platforms (CDP)
  • Donor Database
  • Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Event Management System
  • Certification Management System
  • Financial Management System
  • Managed IT Services

Helpful Resources

When to Add New Tools (and Retire Old Ones)
By George Rears | May 25, 2023 |

When staff ask for new tools, take the time to assess the tool’s impact on your operations and culture. In this post, we list the questions to ask before you add a new tool to your staff’s toolkit.  Do you have a tool problem?  If you think you have a…

Technology Assessment
5 Signs You Need a Technology Assessment
By George Rears | May 11, 2023 |

Leaders never wake up and say, “I need a technology assessment.” They wait for a “convenient time;” but, delaying an assessment impacts performance and productivity. By then, the need manifests itself in another way. Unfortunately, these signs disguise bigger problems leading you to treat the symptom instead of the root…

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We’ve helped countless organizations achieve success. See how we did it — visit clients and testimonials.

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"Achurch Consulting’s drive and industry perspective were exceptionally valuable for our organization. We’d bring them in again without question if we found ourself with similar needs."

Daniel O’Brien
Chief Operating Officer
Marine Corps Association & Foundation

Software Selections

You know that choosing the right platform is critical, but it’s also extremely difficult. It’s easy to get distracted by bells and whistles and not realize that key features aren’t the right fit.

We work with your team on rigorously understanding your requirements and culture so that when selection time comes, we can confidently advise you. We help take the worry out of the RFP review process, demos, and decision-making so you can rest assured you’re making a sound investment for your association. After you decide on the technology, we can also help you implement it, from installation through training and organization culture changes.

Helpful Resources

AMS selection champions illustration
Preparing for an AMS Selection: 5 Champions You Need  
By George Rears | April 2, 2024 |

“It’s time” The feeling hits you. Your association has outgrown your AMS. Your business rules don’t fit the AMS. People are complaining about the AMS. Maybe all three of those are happening. You know it’s time for a new AMS. So, how can you prepare your organization for an AMS…

Image of someone solving a puzzle.
The Dos and Don’ts of AMS Selection
By George Rears | August 9, 2023 |

Organizations are always trying to balance time, resources, and to-dos. The right AMS can help address these challenges. Your AMS is not just a database – it can automate admin tasks, process payments, simplify event workflows, and keep you connected to members. It moves you away from shadow systems and…

ams selection checklist image

AMS Solution Selection Checklist
The association management software (AMS) system you choose has long-lasting effects. Use our solutions checklist as a starting point.

Virtual Events: Best Practices and Vendor Resource Guide
We cover how to create value for your members using planning tools, learning strategies, and networking opportunities conducted within a virtual setting. We have also compiled a comprehensive list of vendors to help you start your virtual event journey

Be sure to visit our resource center and blog for more!

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We’ve helped countless organizations achieve success. See how we did it — visit clients and testimonials.

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"Achurch Consulting reset expectations, refocused us, and brought us over the finish line on an aggressive timeline. Features we didn't expect six months in we got at launch, and things we didn't expect for a year were operating within three months of launch. They did a great job of motivating and aligning the team!

Paul T. McCarthy
Senior Vice President, Strategy
Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association

Software Implementations

We will work with your team to develop training and standard operating procedures while we work to implement your chosen technology because we know it’s crucial for success. We will ensure the system and your people are set up to thrive using your new software. Digital transformation doesn’t have to be scary… we’ll be by your side throughout the journey.

Team Reaching Goals

Helpful Resources

communications guidelines cover

Communications Guide & Hierarchy of Response
This worksheet gives users guidelines for creating a communication response hierarchy.

Tips to Help your Association Work Better Virtually
Tips and best practices for working virtually.

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We’ve helped countless organizations achieve success. See how we did it — visit clients and testimonials.

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"I could have never had such great success without Achurch Consulting. They had the right combination of know-how and the right length of shepherd’s stick to herd cats. The project was delivered on time and under budget. Rock stars!"

Monica Jordan
AMS Senior Manager
International City/County Management Association


“Achurch Consulting helped us make a smart and pragmatic plan to provide new support to our employees and accelerate opportunities for our association’s growth."

Emily Kirkpatrick
Executive Director
National Council of Teachers of English

Fractional Chief Information Officer Service

How confident are you in your association’s technology strategy? Do you have a roadmap that aligns with your organization’s goals? Or do you just hope to get through each day without a crisis?

Our Fractional CIO service gives you senior-level support without the commitment of a full-time hire. We integrate with your team and ensure your technology is set up for long-term success. We bring the experience and industry awareness that will let you stop worrying.

Successful Organizations Need Strategic Technology Leaders… Just Not Always Full-Time

You know that technology is essential to achieve your goals. It's not just about having the best technology platforms; it’s how they’re working for you. You can’t maximize the value of your software investments without effective implementations and ongoing training and maintenance. You may not require a full-time staff member for this role, but you need a trustworthy and committed advisor. That’s where we come in! We’ll be your dedicated partner, delivering the technology strategy and support you need.

Flexible Help When You Need It

Our association Fractional CIO offering is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. We are fully engaged with your organization, but in a “fractional” (aka part-time) capacity. Fractional CIO services generally range on average from 8 to 20 hours per week, depending on the scope and needs of your organization.

Experienced, Knowledgeable, Passionate Association IT Consultants

Count on our fractional CIO services to help you evaluate your current IT assets. We provide the affordable association IT expertise you need to:

  • Keep your projects moving forward
  • Keep your systems humming
  • Minimize your downtime

We can map your entire technology ecosystem to your operational landscape, creating the roadmap and processes you’ll need for advancement. We’ve helped associations just like yours — visit clients and testimonials to see how. Our clients know they can trust us to get it right, so that they can deliver on their missions.

A Full Range of Hands-On IT Support

Our fractional CIO services include:

  • Day-to-day management of staff and vendors and collaboration with department stakeholders. Managing the deployment of new technology platform(s) and updating existing programs.
  • Developing and maintaining an IT budget, including creating business-case justifications and cost-benefit analyses for IT spending.
  • Ensuring that IT system operations adhere to applicable laws and regulations.
  • Guaranteeing compliance with contracts and service agreements.
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If you need an extra level of support, read about our program and project management services or for more information contact us at

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"We wanted the ability to hire talent from all across the country and did not know how to manage a distributed workforce. Through on-site training with leadership and staff, Achurch Consulting helped us compartmentalize what we needed to focus on and how to triage our issues. We are now able to hire people in different states and feel comfortable managing off-site workers."

Kathleen Wilber
Chief Operating Officer, NCVC

Program & Project Management

Do you need a temporary expansion of your IT staff for new or existing program execution? Or are you seeking a fully functioning, temporary IT department?

Our services are fully scalable to meet the unique needs of each organization — from strategic direction to tactical execution. Program & Project Management Services help you complete projects on time and within budget.

Seasoned Business Analysts and Project Managers

Our team of business analysts and project managers have deep experience in the trenches. We can help guide you from conception to completion. Count on us for strategic direction and project management services that:

  • Help you define the path ahead with a full project scope before initiation
  • Identify obstacles and tradeoffs
  • Lead you or your team through each step, providing critical support throughout the process
  • Provide troubleshooting support to help you get unstuck or get a program back on track

Helpful Resources

Picking the Right Project Management Tool
By Christine Bolton | May 21, 2024 |

Picking good project management processes tool help teams meet goals, encourage team synergy, collaboration, accountability, and innovation.

Illustration of person managing a project.
You need a Project Management Tool
By Christine Bolton | April 29, 2024 |

Project management tools are a necessity in today’s work environment. We’ve compiled a list of reasons you need one.

AMS Project Management Basics for Association Smarties
By George Rears | December 3, 2020 |

Although your AMS provider will supply you an implementation PM, you need your own to keep your team on track and look out for your interests.

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When you need it, our business analysts also provide IT value alignment and strategy support.

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Post Implementation Support

You’ve finally launched your new software…now what?

We hate to break it to you, but launching a new AMS or other major platform doesn’t mean you’re “done.” To get the full value of your investment, you need an ongoing plan of assessment, trainings, and updates. That’s where we can help.

Most organizations use their new system far below its full potential. Once it’s launched, it’s too easy to move onto new projects rather than invest more time exploring everything it can do.

Business support-rafiki4

Guidance and ongoing training for your team

Achurch Consulting will make sure you are maximizing the power of your new platform. Here’s a few examples of how we can help:

  • Continue working with staff to make sure the new system is being fully implemented across all teams (i.e. getting employees fully operational in the system and out of those secret spreadsheets and workarounds!)
  • Conducting ongoing trainings for new hires and those who need more support – making sure everyone is proficient
  • Ensure software updates are done in a way that minimizes down time, while keeping systems and security up to date
  • Collaborating with department heads to find new ways to leverage the system for added efficiency, better data, and reduced frustration

You’ve invested the money, now make sure you’re taking full advantage of your new product. Let us help with life after launch.

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