A successful technology ecosystem means your teams and technologies are working together to make your association thrive. With a small staff working at max capacity, a never-ending wish list of new ideas amidst a fast-changing technology landscape, and a blurry line defining who is responsible for technology management, how and when does a small association make the best tech decisions to bring balance, build collaboration, establish dynamic processes that ensure efficiencies, align with strategic goals, and deliver member value? Join two associations and their guides on their journeys to create successful technology ecosystems. Understand the blind spots, pitfalls, complexities, and communication you may miss along the way and find the stepping stones to success. Leave with an action plan for next steps.

Join us on a journey to seamlessly integrate AI into your operations. Step through the top five barriers hindering implementation: strategic approach, data readiness, security, policy frameworks, and change management. Discover how these challenges manifest and learn strategies to overcome them. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the hurdles encountered during AI adoption and receive practical recommendations for successful implementation. Learn to develop a practical approach to data readiness and understand the key barriers to secure AI implementation. Leave with the confidence to develop effective policies for AI integration.

You’ll find us at industry events throughout the year, as speakers and attendees. We regularly present on a range of topics, including empowering remote work, project management, technology transformations, and building trust through communication.

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