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Maria A. Negron Kneib, Esq.

Business Analyst

Maria is an experienced attorney and legal advisor who brings more than 20 years of experience helping clients. She understands complex situations. She uses her breadth of knowledge to identify and craft the right solutions and approaches for clients.  

Maria’s success is rooted in her beginnings as a public defender in Philadelphia. There she analyzed complex circumstances and unique facts to create tailored solutions. Maria assisted on a protracted case for a Fortune 50 company, conducting due diligence, Spanish translation, and legal work. In the manufacturing field, she assessed legal issues, identified best practices, and helped connect manufacturing executives to new frameworks and ideas to approach their most vexing problems. Her work includes advising executives on supply chains, risk management, human resources, safety, environmental, and sustainability issues. Maria is skilled at connecting the dots between industry trends and their potential application for executives and the workplace. 

Maria earned her Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Michigan and her Juris Doctor from George Washington University Law School.  

Maria is a recent transplant to Colorado from the DC area. You can find her chasing after her two young children, reading novels, hiking trails, and enjoying the bountiful Colorado sunshine.