Image of Nell Werner

Nell Werner

Business Analyst

Nell is a seasoned business analyst and IT professional who brings more than 20 years of experience helping clients achieve their goals. Her experiences have led her to wear multi-hat hats throughout her IT career, ranging from software, hardware, and engineering technology, allowing her to look at things from the sky to the weeds perspective to help clients pull all the pieces together. 

Nell’s success draws from her diverse experience in various sectors, from non-profit to legal, engineering, health, and government. She provides unique knowledge she utilizes to navigate any terrain, from a macro to a micro level. She uses her experience to cultivate people and develop projects by intently absorbing information and crafting ideal solutions for our clients while serving as a sounding board for decision-makers. A forever learner, Nell is constantly digging into tools and systems in the ever-changing tech environment. 

Nell has a Bachelor of Science in Human Services (Psychology) from the University of Phoenix and holds four Salesforce certifications. 

Nell loves outside Asheville, North Carolina, where you can find her taking classes, traveling, hiking, enjoying the outdoors, doing home improvement projects, or helping others via sound healing modalities.