Virtual Office Tool Selection

We have experience with the most collaborative tools available today and can help your organization select and implement those that will help you be successful, including:

  • Project management and collaboration software
  • Video communication software
  • Chat tools
  • Document sharing tools
  • Real-time remote monitoring software
  • Virtual meeting and event platforms

Effective Processes for Remote Workers

The lack of natural, face-to-face interactions can diminish collaboration between co-workers and cause fragile relationships with clients to weaken. Your virtual team needs reliable — formal — lines of communication to be most effective. We can help you achieve greater efficiencies by designing, implementing and promoting protocols for:

  • Client and team meetings
  • Email response times
  • Sending and storing files
  • Worker availability

Acceptance and adoption of shared processes are critical when working in distributed teams. Getting there requires transparent project roles and responsibilities to ensure accountability when a team no longer collaborates in a physical environment.

Engaging the Virtual Team

We help you identify the needs of team members, clients and vendors to ensure easy adoption and compliance. With that information at hand, our team will:

  • Equip your staff with the skills they need to be successful in the distributed environment
  • Advise team leaders in how to handle difficult conversations with staff, clients or vendors
  • Ensure effective training for IT-supported systems and software

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