Overcoming Staff Resistance to Remote Work

Making the shift from working together in-person in an office to working remotely is not always an easy or welcome change. If COVID-19 taught us nothing, it's that some people adapt better to that shift than others.

Prior to the pandemic, leaders at the National Center for the Victims of Crime (NCVC) decided they wanted to reduce operating expenses by decreasing the office footprint for their staff of 50. Unfortunately, there was a hitch in their plans to go remote - their staff was split on the issue. Some wanted to work remotely; others were adamantly against it.

Our case study, How Achurch Consulting helped the National Center for Victims of Crime overcome staff resistance to change and become a successful remote workplace, outlines the challenges faced by NCVC leaders and how Achurch Consulting helped their team overcome them.

According to Kathleen Wilber, NCVC’s former Chief Operating Officer,

“One of the biggest concerns for our employees was the loss of regular interaction and camaraderie. So much happens when you’re getting a drink at the water fountain. People were legitimately afraid they wouldn’t excel because they would no longer have face time with their boss and co-workers.”

Read our case study to see how Achurch Consulting addressed and ultimately helped them turnaround doubtful attitudes about remote work.

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