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Case Study: Fractional CIO Helped Turn Around a Board’s Mindset on Technology

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Virtual Events: Best Practices and Vendor Resource Guide

What will associations look like post-pandemic? That’s the heart of what we and Association TRENDS recently asked over 350 senior association leaders. What we learned is eye opening! What began essentially as a two-week WFH experiment has evolved into a flexible, WFH revolution. Don't believe it?

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Whether you are still on the fence or have conclusively decided to take your workforce remote, knowing where to start the transition process can be daunting. To help you start your journey toward a successful distributed workforce, we have created this eBook containing lists of 3rd party vendors, a sample move out plan, a move out checklist, tips and best practices for tasks like handling your mail and materials procurement, and MORE!

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The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) are committed to their members and their mission. A part of that commitment was making an intentional, deliberate strategy to move their workforce to a remote one in 2018. As a result of their forward thinking, they could focus all their attention on the needs of their members, including developing new programming, and staff during the pandemic. Learn about their thought process and the successes they've realized operating as a remote workforce.

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In today's marketplace, investing in information technology means more than making sure you can create documents and have a basic database. Instead, it is an investment that helps organizations work more efficiently, make data-driven decisions, and provide a better member / customer experience. Read our case study to see how Achurch Consulting's Fractional CIO services helped get NAFA's board "on board" with changing their mindset about technology.

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Making the shift from working together in-person in an office to working remotely is not always an easy and welcome change. If COVID-19 taught us nothing, it's that some people adapt better to that shift than others. Read our case study to see how Achurch Consulting addressed and ultimately helped the National Center for Victims of Crime turnaround doubtful attitudes about remote work.

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Over the last few weeks we have been approached by numerous organizations for tips and best practices for working virtually, so after Altai Systems reached out for help with their webinar on the topic, we happily accepted. ​Because of the timely and informative discussion we facilitated, we would like to offer others the opportunity to view the presentation.

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Given the continually changing updates and increasingly stringent restrictions being placed on public gathering and travel regarding the Coronavirus, transitioning your team to a remote workplace (even if only temporarily) is a great way to minimize interruptions in your service to your members. We have put together an eBook of tips and best practices to help you as you quickly transition from on-premise to remote work.

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For the first time in history, members of four different generatio​ns (five if you count Gen Z) are in the workplace at the same time. Up to 50% of them are “distributed,” either working from home or in another satellite locati​on.

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As the Coronavirus outbreak continues to influence how events are to be hosted, we worked with Ellipsis Partners to produce this joint eBook. We cover how to create value for your members using planning tools, learning strategies, and networking opportunities conducted within a virtual setting. We have also compiled a comprehensive list of vendors to help you start your virtual event journey

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