Remote Workforce Consulting

Distributed teams are more common than ever in today’s workplace. Achurch Consulting can help your organization stay competitive by matching your business goals to the right collaborative software and infrastructure tools your employees need for success.

Achurch Approach to Remote Workforce Consulting Services

Achurch initiated our Remote Workforce Consulting services in response to seeing our current clients and others struggling with distributed teams. We observed teams trying to apply the same rules and practices for remote/distributed work they did with in-person management. Achurch knew that with our collective backgrounds and expertise in systems and process design, legal and operational management, and assessment and curriculum development, we could help organizations design successful workforces, regardless of their employees' location. In short, we help organizations institute effective, research-based methods to facilitate remote work.

In every organization, aspects of each of these elements will be core strengths, while other aspects may present challenges. Each element is essential to address individually so that when placed together, your organization has a cohesive structure that encourages trust, accountability, and productivity organization-wide.

While we have a standard process and structure for each project, we base our approach and recommendations on our clients' unique situations, cultures, and needs. Therefore, we do not simply check boxes on a list - we get to know your team and create the checklist for your organization's needs together.

Steps to Remote Workforce Optimization

Achurch has a proven process for helping organizations create the foundation necessary for a successful transformation to a fully remote workforce or customized hybrid model. We do this by implementing the processes essential for remote operations, the curriculum needed for the successful management of teams, and providing the necessary staff training to make a successful transition to the new model of work.

The following is an outline of our Key Steps to fully optimizing a transition to a Distributed Workforce.

STEP 1: Assessment and Evaluation

Achurch will complete an assessment and evaluation through one or all of the following:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Group interviews
  • The completion of a comprehensive survey completed by all leadership and staff.

This phase is of critical importance as it lays the groundwork not only for the subsequent optional phases but also for the future of work throughout the entire organization for years to come. It helps to identify the culture, as well as strengths and weaknesses in communication, accountability, management, policies, and overall employee well-being.

STEP 2: Reporting and Recommendations

The Assessment will serve as the foundation for developing the precise methodology for evaluating your organization's risks and opportunity areas for creating a distributed workforce.

  • Achurch will make specific recommendations on the best remote workforce model to meet the needs of your leadership, staff, and customers
  • Included in our customized report will be a list of favorable trends "Tailwinds" and challenges "Headwinds" the organization will face
  • Our recommendations (Plan of Action) will incorporate existing and future training topics

STEP 3: Training and Implementation

  • We can provide a series of guides, webinars, reference sheets, training sessions, and tips on each topic uncovered in the Assessment and Evaluation and agreed up training
  • The communication module is the "base" of our offering and includes comprehensive content detailing what employees need to know to be proficient while communicating in the virtual workplace
  • We can support the direct implementation of workplace tools, train on virtual working protocols, document management, and software

 STEP 4: Maintenance/Monitoring and Ongoing Evaluation

Adoption is key to any successful roll-out of new working protocols and workplace tools. Feedback after the introduction will enable adjustments in processes to fit your organization better and increase participation rates across your employee base. Achurch can help maintain and monitor your workforce as often as you need in a variety of ways including ongoing lunch and learns, electronic check-ins, interviews, micro surveys, and more!

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