Getting to know one another and learning to optimally collaborate is no small task in the remote environment. To help identify and amplify your and your teammates' natural abilities, we offer the following CliftonStrengths assessment and coaching services.

 For any staff member. Focus on understanding: 
The employee’s top strengths.
How those strengths appear in the remote workplace. 
How those strengths can be leveraged to help the employee perform their best/feel their most fulfilled.
 Designed for Managers. Focus on understanding: 
How their team’s strengths appear in the workplace, 
Ways they can best “meet staff where they are” regarding  feedback, professional growth, building relationships, etc. 
How to ensure they’re focused on work that best leverages their strengths.

All prices include the cost of the CliftonStrengths assessment.

 Deeper focus on specific goals related to managing via strengths in the remote space.: 
Session 1: Focuses on the manager’s strengths and personal goals 
Session 2: Focuses on understanding those s/he manages 
Session 3: Deeper dive into an area/goal of choice outlined by the staff member and coach
 Two types of sessions offered:
Full Staff Session:  90-min  exploring your organization’s strengths. Focuses on your staff building a better sense of understanding & appreciation for each other. Great for team building!
Department/Team Session:  Same as Full Staff Session but optimized for individual groups. Designed for groups of 10 or less.

While the above options are offered virtually, we also offer in-person full staff and/or department training (as COVID restrictions allow). To get pricing and more information about our in-person offerings or to discuss any of our sessions, email us at today.