Sharpen your remote/hybrid manager skills in 2022!

Unleash your greatest leadership strengths and apply your remote/ hybrid manager skills to propel yourself and your organization forward!

rmt 8 week series

Not working in the same physical space as your team can be challenging. When you aren’t with them, it’s sometimes harder to gauge their productivity, thoughts, and feelings without having the physical cues you had in the office.

How can you adjust to this new way of working together - separately?

Achurch’s Remote Manager Training Series equips fully remote or hybrid-remote managers with the tools they need to be successful leading distributed teams.

All participants will have the opportunity to network with peers and learn from one another. They will gain the knowledge, skills, and resources required to initiate and sustain meaningful connections with their employees and drive measurable progress toward their team and company goals.


This was a good opportunity to meet managers going through the same successes and struggles with managing a remote workforce. Everyone should consider additional training and support as remote managers and employees are becoming more commonplace.

The Training's 4 Pillars of Focus

Increase authentic connections with their employees and other managers, Implement and reinforce remote communication techniques, Foster and enhance their remote or hybrid team’s sense of accountability, Support remote employees’ overall wellness

Who Should Attend?

If you work in a remote or hybrid workplace and manage at least one person, you should attend. Ideal participants are:

  • C-Suite Leaders
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Directors
  • Managers


An important part of the program is to actively engage with a peer network, but private learning sessions are available for larger groups. Please contact Julie Davis at directly to learn more about private training sessions.

Program Delivery

Designed and delivered by instructional experts, participants will engage in a variety of proven adult learning techniques to optimize skill development and retention. Training participants will receive a 1:1 Cliftonstrengths coaching session administered by a certified Strengths Coach and work together and independently over the course of 8 weeks.

delivery methods

Program Outcomes

program outcomes
Participants will walk away with:
  • A deep understanding of the four pillars that make a remote/hybrid manager successful
  • Practical strategies and templates they can implement immediately to build connection, communicate with clarity, drive measurable progress, and foster an environment of wellness
  • Access to a remote management peer network group to look to for support during the program and beyond
1 hr live session - “Opening Session”: 2/16, 12pm ET
2 hr live session - “Connection”: 2/23, 12pm ET 
2 hr live session - “Communication”: 3/2, 12pm ET
Break week - no live sessions
2 hr live session - “Accountability”: 3/16, 12pm ET
2 hr live session - “Wellness”: 3/23, 12pm ET
2 hr live session - “Closing Session”: 3/30, 12pm ET

Learn More about our Training Facilitators

Helen Mack

Maria A. Negron Kneib, Esq.