Starting Well: four essentials for a good project charter

June 17, 2019

Great works of literature are known for their beginnings. “It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.” “Call me Ishmael.” “In the beginning, God created.” Some of the most classic songs can be identified by their very first notes. Stairway to Heaven… Let it Be… Stayin’ Alive. Of course, just because…

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Work-Life Integration: the Newest Evolution of the Workplace

May 16, 2019

Every generation looks at its parents and thinks, “I can do better!” or “I like some of that, but not everything.” Think about your lifestyle, or the way you parent, and compare it to what you experienced growing up. There are obvious differences, right? A similar scenario has played out in the workplace over the…

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Tidying Up—the Remote Working Way

April 22, 2019

Have you watched the latest Netflix hit? Marie Kondo has people across America cleaning out closets, clutching old t-shirts as they bid them goodbye, and donating in droves to thrift stores. Tidying up for remote work does not mean you need to pile all your supplies and files on your office floor. (Although some of…

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Project Management and Parenthood: Why everyone is a project manager

April 19, 2019

There used to be a select group of people who were called “project managers.” They had the training, the expertise, and the know-how to accomplish organizational goals. As the landscape changes, people are finding themselves unexpectedly in the position of project manager more than ever before. There are few workplaces more susceptible to this shift…

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Overcome the Challenges of a Distributed Workforce

April 8, 2019

Everywhere you go, people extol the virtues of remote work, including the flexibility and freedom of working out of an office. Most claim they would never return to the old ways of working. But what about the other group of employees who were afraid to make the transition? Or the group forced to make the…

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Association Charrette – Lassoing in on Association Challenges Though Self-directed Peer Collaboration

April 2, 2019

February I registered to attend a 3-day retreat for association professionals known as Association Charrette. The event provides an environment for colleague collaboration to openly examine actionable pathways for association industry success. While it sounded like a great idea, there was no predefined subject matter on the agenda. I’d never attended anything like that before…

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Why your Association Needs a Data Strategy

March 26, 2019

Associations and non-profits fall into one of three categories: Anti-data. These organizations trust their gut. They are like gamblers who keep spending money because something in the atmosphere feels right. Fence-sitters. Most associations are here. They appreciate and occasionally make decisions based on a recent collection of data. Sometimes, they use research to inform their…

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How to Build a Sense of Team with Remote Workers

March 15, 2019

Gone are the days of Leave it to Beaver and traditional workplaces. We are now entering into a new workplace paradigm in which technology changes everything. Just think about smart phones and tablets. Can you even imagine a world, let alone a workplace, without them? No! With all the change, it’s important to remember that…

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Why your non-profit or association should embrace remote work

February 26, 2019

The way that people view their work, and its place in their lives, is changing. Men are more likely to balance their time between work and with their families. Women are more likely to continue working after they have kids. This shift is especially true of Millennials who desire a deep sense of purpose and…

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Generations—Millennials as (Remote) Workers

February 16, 2019

Coast to coast—that’s how she rolls. In the last two years, Emily Goodman has worked from New York to Seattle. And her clients have connected with her from the east and west coasts and several states in between. We caught up with her in Seattle, just before she set out on a trip to Morocco.…

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